About Us

A Residential Masterpiece by


Embracing Distinction: Redefining Modern Luxury

Filigree is a brand portfolio of masterfully crafted, upscale living spaces.

Filigree redefines luxury by sealing its every project with tangible real value and with highly functional design. In the pursuit to achieve the finest quality of homes its clientele deserves, Filigree ensures that their lifestyles were put in mind from planning to implementation, from construction to delivery, so they will live their lives with ease and comfort.

True to the meaning of “filigree” properties under this top-end real estate brand are designed and made with the highest level of quality while employing the balance of classical elegance and modern creativity.

The Brand Story

Filigree seals its every project with real value, bringing the best home its customers’ success deserves.

Yours isn’t a life built on shortcuts. It’s a life built by brick. The long way. The hard way. And that’s why you know what counts.
You know a thing’s value isn’t in what the newspapers or the advertising might say.

You know that anything truly valuable never comes easy. And it’s never cheap. You know that worth isn’t something slapped on. It’s built in. Brick by brick.

You know that what others may call luxury is for you a necessity. A concrete statement of how far you’ve come. A testament to all you’ve achieved. We know that, too.

Because we’ve built our name the same way you’ve built yours: brick by brick. We’ve built our name not by riding on fads, but by triggering them. By spotting locations and developing living solutions that are designed for lasting value. By paying painful attention to detail, by making sure that for every peso you put into our projects, you get more: more space, more privacy, more exclusivity, more care, more value.

More, because we believe you deserve no less.

Visit Filigree website www.filigree.com.ph orwww.filigree.ph