Make way for new luxury brand

There is a new symbol of excellence in high-end real estate in the country and it redefines modern luxury with its well-thought out project designs.

Filigree is a new luxury real estate brand that personifies elegance, unmatched attention to details, quality materials, and craftsmanship like no other.

“Filigree is the new epitome of excellence in the luxury real estate segment in the country,” said Catherine Ilagan, head of Filigree.” By having a keen understanding of our market, we are able to create signature projects and services that are tailor fit to, and even go beyond, their refined needs and desires.

“Right from its core design down to implementation and construction, our residents are assured that no detail in their homes is unimportant,” lIagan added.

Filigree’s portfolio of luxury properties are meticulously built with a comparable dedication and exacting standards.

“Filigree is more than embellishments. In the pursuit to achieve the finest quality of homes, we ensure that our customers’ lifestyle was put in mind right from step one of the planning stage so they will live their lives with ease and comfort,” Ilagan said.
“That’s how ultimate living is designed, and that’s what sets Filigree apart.”

Filigree has four exceptional designer residences now available: The Beaufort in Taguig, Botanika Nature Residences, Bristol at Parkway Place, and The Enclave Alabang, all located in Metro South.

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